How To Reach Young Audiences

Do you target middle grade or young adult audiences with your book? It can often be difficult to reach that 8-18 age range through traditional means of book marketing as many aren’t typically on book blogs, looking on Amazon, or in some cases, be targeted by ads.

As a result, targeting this demographic can be particularly troublesome for authors and publishers. This can even be a challenge for more experienced publishing execs, letting alone budding authors.

There are a few strategies you can utilize to try to get in front of that coveted age range that might give you a leg up on the competition.

1. For really young, target libraries, bookstores, and schools

Most bookstores and libraries have events and areas specifically dedicated to children’s books. You can do book signings, read aloud, giveaways, contests, and more with these local venues for initial distribution. Many school librarians also keep careful watch in these areas so it gives you as a writer great visibility into potential decision makers, as well as parents.

While this might not scale into millions of sales, this is a really great way to get some word of mouth going and get your book into initial readers.

Many publishers in the children’s book space do this as well but have deeper connections. They can get you good placement in those sections at bookstores in particular and eventually feed you into schools.

One trick I’ve heard that sometimes works is to include a “reading guide” or “teaching guide” for teachers or parents to use with their kids. Give that guide away for free with the book or as an online add-on.

2. Target teen-oriented influencers

For 13-18 age ranges, these readers spend all of their time on social media. You can find people who like to read in particular on writing sites. You can also find people who like things like Harry Potter on sites like Tumblr or Instagram. Try giving them a free copy of the book and who knows, maybe they’ll promote you to their potentially millions of followers.

People trust influencers as they are essentially tastemakers. Influencers are a very powerful way to get in front of the people you want, with somebody essentially endorsing your work. You can find good influencers on sites like HelloSociety, Famebit, or Influenster.

Fanfiction is also an interesting way to piggie back on existing success and takes advantage of the buzz. Many influencers are also willing to read short stories, flash fiction, or even poetry on camera to promote, which is potentially a good avenue as well. Many of the best short stories in the modern age have actually been promoted through clever influencer campaigns and distribution journals.

3. Childrens, middle grade, and YA book blogs

There are many book blogs around that also get the attention of librarians and parents. A quick google will give you a wide variety of blogs that review books and give recommendations on what books to give to kids. Feedspot and Kidlitosphere have pretty good lists of good children’s book blogs that you can go through. If your works are graphic novels or picture books you can look at places to post graphic novels online.

Many have specific themes, like picture books only or fantasy only. Find all the blogs that might be relevant for your book and start doing some outreach. Not all of these book blogs have a ton of readers, but they do serve as a source of credibility for you.

4. Write for short attention spans

They say that young people have short attention spans. It’s true. Consider posting a very short story online, those stories that could fit in tweets.

On the credibility end, you can use every positive review or coverage as part of your pitch to the next blog or library. Tell them that you were featured on special blogs with raving reviews. It will make it more likely for people to consider you as you have social proof.

EBook Formatting Choices: Understanding ODF, LIT and AZW

When most people think about e-book formatting, they think about two particular formats: EPUB and MOBI. But there are other formatting choices out there. The reason that you do not hear about them as much is that they are not very widely used except for specific purposes or devices. Let’s take a look at three different formatting choices that you do not hear about as much and see how they are used, what the advantages and disadvantages of them are and whether you should try to publish in these formats in addition to getting your book out there in MOBI and EPUB format.


Book publishing preparation means getting your print or eBook together and determining how it will display in the final product. When it comes to preparation, one of the best options out there is the ODF format. ODF stands for Open Document Format and it is the native format for the free replacement for Microsoft Office called Open Office. ODF is one of the best choices for book preparation and it is an ISO standard. You can export ODF into various formats that can convert to EPUB or MOBI such as being able to upload the file to the Kindle Direct Publishing platform.


The LIT format is the eBook format for Microsoft’s eBook reader. It was created to compete with the devices that were being pushed by Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook), Apple (iPad) and Adobe (Digital Editions). However, the LIT format and the Microsoft Reader itself did not gain very much popularity and it is rarely used these days. Still, if you are publishing an electronic book, then there is no reason not to offer it in LIT format, especially if you are using a platform like SmashWords where the book may be downloaded in whichever format the buyer wants.


As you might have guessed, this is an Amazon format. You may see books on your Kindle that have this file format. It is very similar to the MOBI file format used on Amazon devices, but it is often DRM-protected. The AZW files can store things like annotations, bookmarks, page numbers, position and more. This format isn’t used as widely as the MOBI format and on the newer Kindles there is another format altogether – the KF8 format. However, you do still see plenty of MOBI files and a few AZW files as well.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that these three file formats are not as common as the EPUB and MOBI formats, but they are still used in a limited fashion in e-publishing. The only one that you really need to worry about is the LIT format though, because Amazon will decide which format to publish your book in on their devices. You may also want to try out the ODF format to prepare for publishing. If you want to convert Epub to Mobi, then visit Reedsy, which has tons of resources on the self-publishing industry.

Writing Picture Books vs. Chapter Books for Children

Picture Books vs. Chapter Books

Many writers face a dilemma when it comes to writing for children. They know that they want to write kid’s books but they are not sure whether they want to write picture books for very young children or chapter books for older children. There are several things that you need to keep in mind if you are faced with that dilemma. Mostly, it comes down to understanding the differences between these two types of kid’s books and deciding what you can write. Let’s look at some of the things that you need to bear in mind. Even writing on the side while offering IT Services NYC, I won’t forget the importance of differentiating this.

What Exactly Are Picture Books?

First, let’s define exactly what picture books are. Picture books are sort of divided into two different categories. The first are what are called board books. Board books are thick and made out of heavy cardboard due to the propensity of their targeted readers to drool on them or throw them around the room. Board books are targeted towards kids aged 3 to 5. Picture books can be paperback and are targeted towards kids aged 5 to 7.

What Exactly Are Chapter Books?

Chapter books, on the other hand, are books without pictures. They are so named because they are divided into chapters unlike books for younger children. A category of books called first readers may fall into this category as well; although they do not usually include chapters; but chapter books usually means middle grade novels and sometimes young adult novels.

Determine Which Types of Books You Can Write

Understanding which type of book you can write successfully is an important first step. One of the things that people believe that is simply false is that writing books for very young children is quite easy and anyone can do it. Many people start off on that path because it only takes a few hundred words to come up with a children’s book. The truth is, writing a book for children requires just as much skill and work is writing a book for teens or young adults.

Understand the Difficulty in Marketing & Self-Publishing for Very Young Children

You should also know that marketing books for very young children and self-publishing them can be very challenging. For one thing, whatever you include pictures in a book it is going to reduce your royalties in digital format. That’s because adding the pictures results in a lot more bandwidth being used to transfer the book to Kindle or other e-reader devices when they are purchased. In addition, it can be very difficult to market these types of books as a self-publishing author because the industry catalogs where they would normally be listed for purchase by libraries and schools may not be available.

Keep in Mind That You Can Try Both

You should also keep in mind that you can try both middle grade writing and writing for very young children and see which one you are better at in which you prefer. The important thing is that you try both.

The Best Romance Books in 2019

Best Romance Book

Test of time and it’s still a romance among romance! If you adore romance, if you like to read romances, then this is where to be. But sometimes finding that great new romance can appear to be a challenge together with all of these books.

Romance novels have come a very long way lately. They focus on the love between between people and the stories can take place on a wide variety of backdrops. It’s also the one which concerns us most directly in taking a look at the romance novel.

In today’s days, the books also have been made available on various websites. Just one book in a series could possibly be nominated per category. It’s really an entertaining book I love. You must just continue going as if the second book is merely portion of the first. Your book has to be free in order to be qualified for a Freebooksy Feature. There are various selections of romance books which are available. When one seeks to buy a romance book, they may choose to get a new book, or any time they visit a bookstore, they may target purchasing a used book.

Have a look at our whole collection here. Please submit to only 1 series at a moment, with only 1 submission at a moment. Be certain to come back often. Also provides a couple of relevant links.

To submit to a romance collection, click the links below. From the best short-story anthologies to the steamiest novels available on the market, here’s the ideal erotica of 2017plus, a couple titles to be aware of in 2018. Join today to learn why! Also, make certain to vote for your preferred romantic novel writers.

As Shakespeare approached the conclusion of his career he became more interested in a number of the ideas he had touched on in the previous plays. Erotica can be quite heteronormative, but it doesn’t indicate the ideal stuff is reserved for couples of the opposite sex. Sometimes you need a threesome that doesn’t incorporate a lot of unnecessary adjectives. Sophia, Amy, Jen, Angela and Samantha comprise the review group, but we’re always searching for guest reviewers particularly in the urban fantasy genre. Within this memoir, Gilbert falls in love not merely with a guy, but likewise the world. While Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love might not be a romance in the conventional sense, it’s unquestionably a love story. In addition, it forced the burger barons to produce considerable changes in the way that they do business.

You are going to have to read Lauren Blakeleys novel to discover. This traditional setup provides the whole book the charming, gleeful feel of the greatest romantic comedies. But daunting as it might be to dive in, there are a great deal of excellent reasons to produce the effort. So it is a very good therapy to receive stuck into a completely free on-line novels about relationships whenever it’s possible. Read the ideal romance novels and absolutely free romance books online.  Join today and be the very first to read the very best!

When men fall in love there’s more activity in the portion of the brain that handles visual stimulation. Women record facets of man’s behaviour to be able to establish if he’d be an adequate provider. That feeling, like you are the very first person on earth to truly feel such raw passion, is incredible.

My latest faith struggle isn’t one of intellect. It’s such an easy and such an extraordinary portion of the lives we live. As their passion wains outside the on-camera show, they choose to bring a client in their lives, IRL. Love isn’t breathlessness, it isn’t excitement, it’s not the urge to mate every second of the day. I strongly suggest it for an enjoyable and heart-fluttering read!

My feelings won’t be repressed. That means you can receive a sense if this book is for you or a superior gift idea or whenever you need to read something different. When that occurs, you do it. It isn’t so much that they’re attempting to hard to be `intellectual’. You must learn. You have to permit me to explain to you how ardently I admire and love you. Read it 3 times over recent years.

Best Romance Book Features

The most important target market of romance literature is women but you will be surprised at the number of men enjoy a great romance too! Most completely free romance ebooks within this section are written particularly for women. It’s a choice she’s unsure how to make. If you’re searching for a curated collection of the calendar year’s best sexy books, look no more. A great description functions as a possible organic advertisement and encourages the viewer to click through to your website. Meta descriptions permit you to influence the way your web pages are described and displayed in search success. Reviews aren’t perfect but they are sometimes very beneficial.

The movie is simply as great. Read if you enjoy stories which take you and u can’t quit reading. I really like stories and characters that cause you to think, and this one did only that. The fact this masterpiece is only a few places above Twilight drives me crazy.

3 Books You Absolutely Have to Read Before You Turn 30

Why are there certain books required to be read at a certain age?

Books are amazing because they have the power to transform a person across time and space into a completely new world where everything is beautiful and exciting. There’s really no other experience like reading a book after a freshly prepared meal or fresh juice out of a juicer. It is a way to view the world through someone else’s eyes! See certain things that you have never even dreamt of seeing! And then there are these special books that leave an impression on you for the rest of your life and even manage to affect it. Books like that are a must-read and some of them ought to be read before you turn 30. Here are our choices:

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath is an astonishing book. It is a very intimate look into someone’s life, it is fun and yet extremely tragic and gut-wrenching. There is no other book out there that is more personal as the story in the book deeply reflect the true-life story of Sylvia Plath. It is a must read before you turn 20 because in a way it prepares you for the cruelties of the world and how life often takes unexpected turns. The book openly talks about mental health issues, which many young people experience too, but since it is often such a taboo topic it is often difficult to understand what is happening to you or where to turn for help. This book helps to understand the world a bit better.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird is a very beautiful tale about childhood, growing up and how society works. It is a book that follows the lives of three children in the South and how they witness racism in the South. Racism is a very sad and complicated subject but the book manages to present it in a simple and understandable way. The complexity and tragedy of it is portrayed in a way that after finishing the book your morals will be improved.

The Body by Stephen King

There is no other more beautiful and moving coming-of-age story than the one that Stephen King wrote about the friendship of four boys and their summer together in Maine. It is a story about the relationships we built in our lives, about the lesson we receive and how that shapes our mentality and affects who we later become. It is a story that will make you both laugh and cry because it will feel very familiar. One cannot grow up without having read this masterpiece.